Saturday, October 3, 2009

Something for the team red head

Could not resist posting this video for our favorite red head Matt. Enjoy buddy.

We wants the red head!!!

Wish I could harness some of this kids focus and energy.

Well I'm still hanging in there. Managed a 7.39 mile jog this morning with an averaged pace of 12:12. Take away the two times my jog was interrupted due to traffic at street crossings and I think I would have been below that 12 mark.

My foot continues to feel good and free from planter fasciitis pain. Still taking ibuprofen and icing after runs as a precaution. I however have two mildly bothersome things going on. First I still have one toe that goes numb during runs. Today it felt fine longer though, and did not act up until mile six.(yeah) The other issue is that my left knee is not feeling as strong as my right. The knee will improve as the miles grow and it would also be a fine idea to made it to the gym and put in a little strength training. The real struggle with these two concerns is mental and I do recognize that. When one of these things acts up they tend to become a distraction. Again, thankfully I recognize this and I do my best to push through.

My consistency is still not where it should be, since my last post I have only put in runs of 3 miles(cut short due to running too soon after dinner), 6 miles, 6 miles, and today's run. My work shift this week has me on the 8-5 shift and then into the weekend. So look me up this coming weekend and Skype me. My goals this week are at least two five mile jogs followed by an eight mile outing next Saturday.

Today's run did provide a nice change, our city has added a new trail that connects through to a newer housing development to the south. This will make for a nice improvement to my old long route. Could be spooky at night though because it follows along two sides of the local cemetery.

Hope all is well with you guys.


MikeF. said...

I wonder if you have your shoes tied to tight. Just a thought. And you better get your butt in gear mister!

Jeff W. said...

If anything the shoes being a size 4E are actually a bit loose. But in the past I have overtightened shoes. What I do now is check to see if I can just place my pinky finger under the top of the laces. Seems to work well. I think the numb toe might be related to the heel spur aggravating a nerve.

Oh and yes with under 100 days to go I need to get it in gear. Without consistency my weight is not coming down and I know very well how much of a factor that plays.

Matt said...

Holy hell! What is that kid on?

Amanda said...

Sounds like things are going pretty well. Glad the foot is feeling good!