Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

The Wasowski Family Pumpkin Carvers proudly present:

Last year it was politicians, this year it's three of the fab five. Next year princesses? My daughter did Mickey and I did Donald and Goofy.

Hope all is going well with those of you that stop by here. I will post about training next time. I will say that I have been having a rotten time with leaving comments on blogs lately. I have attempted to leave comments on many posts these past couple of weeks but many are not loading. I was signed in today and left a message over on Byron's blog and it posted. I then tried to leave messages for Jonathan and Justin. The site allowed me to write my thoughts and then when I hit publish everything I wrote was gone. I have gone back and looked at older posts and discovered this has happened before. I am wondering if it might have something to do with using Firefox. Is anyone else having trouble leaving comments?

Well that's enough for now. It's nearing 1:00am and after staying up late and running my daughters friends home from a party she had here I'm tired.


Chris said...

and I thought you just didn't like me. ;-) I tell ya, I've been having the same thing with IE every now and then on those blogs that require the security thingee. Which is why I removed it from mine. It's not a public blog, so I really don't care who posts...

Was going to e-mail you and ask how the training is going, make sure you're keeping yourself honest ;-) Keep us in the loop, we're very interested!

Great job on the pumpkins! I did the typical bats and Jacks on ours, but it was kind of a rush job.

Amanda said...

Great pumpkins!!!

I only have problems with posting on my iPhone at times. On my computer I use IE.

Hope the training is going well.

Matt said...

Awesome picture! Happy Halloween!!!

DebWDW said...

Your pumpkins are cute! I use Google Chrome, and I think it works pretty good. I do notice with the security ones, I click post, and then I do have to look for the code and click post again.

Anonymous said...

I love the Mickey pumpkin. The other two could use some work. (JK) They're all great.

Good luck with your training.