Friday, December 30, 2011

It seems you can’t teach stupid:

7:00 AM this morning. Not only is it foggy but it’s also drizzling. Running with the oncoming traffic is the faint outline of a jogger in a light grey hooded sweat suit. The road is a two lane divided highway with only a two foot shoulder. Nobody has any business running along this highway. It’s a very busy road that long ago, on a clear day; I learned it’s just not a safe place to be, even if you’re running properly against traffic and can see what is coming toward you.

The jogger and the drivers coming up behind him are completely oblivious of each other. Two cars pass him from behind without moving over to avoid him. My guess is they never saw him. A third car comes up from behind; jogger is startled this time and eats the ditch. Driver of the car continues on, seemingly unaware of what just happened.

Pulling over into a driveway I see the jogger get up and I holler over at him. He says he is fine. I tell him to change sides of the road and to get off it ASAP. He just waves me off and resumes running on the same shoulder he was on. I did not recognize this runner and he had a hood up. I can only assume he was also wearing headphones. He was quite fortunate that the car did not strike him and he’s also lucky not to have taken a header into the power pole that was only a few feet away.

If I am able to indentify this guy at a later date, and I see him out running again, I will make an effort to talk to him about staying safe. However, by the way he shrugged me off I doubt he'd care.


Amanda said...

I don't understand people that don't take their safety seriously. I mean what good is it to take care of yourself by running, if you're constantly in danger of being hit by a car?

Chris said...

Sorry Jeff, I didn't realize that was you yelling at me...LOL

Yeah, I agree, this is pretty dumb. I try to stay off main roads as much as possible, but when I need to I'll typically run off road even if I'm running against traffic. I think some people feel it's 100% the drivers responsibility to look out for you running. Yeah, let me know how that works out for ya when you're launched by a semi!

Stay safe out there Corn-daddy!

Rae! said...

Really..this guy needs his head checked.
Happy New Year!!