Thursday, December 8, 2011

End of Year Maintenance

Out with the old

In with the new

Yesterday was phase one of my big end of year maintenance. In all we replaced six end of life servers and upgraded another six remotely. To our retiring SUN v240 I say thanks you've served my company and our customers well.  Never had one hardware problem in over five years. Very solid equipment. I hope the new x4250s are as reliable. I can say they are freaky fast.

The over night maintenance was performed Tuesday into Wednesday and ran about 14 hours. Very long, very tiring, but knock on wood very smooth.

The equipment we replaced runs our Video On Demand service and delivers streaming video to Des Moines and three other major locations. Our furthest customers are located in Flandraeu, SD and Little Rock, Ill.

Today the field engineer remains on sight and will be providing training on some new software features.

Having this completed is a huge weight off my shoulders going into January. There is a second phase to this update in that, due to some space limitations the new equipment had to be activated in a temporary location. The plan is that once this has been stable for a week or two we will power down and remove the old gear and then schedule moving the new servers to a permanent location. My hope is that due to Christmas and my upcoming vacation this can be done when I return from Orlando. I should be able to confirm that today.

In other news...

I was able to take a 1.6lb step off last weeks weight plataeu and this weeks new number is 215.6 I'm getting there. My new shoes are working out great in the gym. Hopefully I will get some road miles in soon.

In other other news...

Yesterday it was announced that actor Harry Morgan has past away at age 96. Harry was best known for roles on Dragnet and M.A.S.H. He was in numerous movies including many Disney films. In fact, he was in so many Disney films I was surprised to find he is not listed as a Disney Legend. In my opinion he should be. I will have to look to see how Disney Legends are nominated. Harry Morgan was a likable person onscreen, I'm sure was was just as likable off. To learn more about Harry, visit this link to the IMDb database. You may be surprise at how many films and guest TV spots he has done.

If I had my way this screen would be found on our local VOD menu today. Actually I think a few of Harry's films are in our current library.

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Amanda said...

Ah, server upgrades...Be glad you aren't in the middle of server consolidation and the beginning of a new ERP implementation planning - blech :)...Hope you get to do phase two after the trip!

Congrats on the weight loss. You are doing great!

Glad the new shoes are working well. Some road miles will be good too.

Love Harry Morgan...I was addicted to MASH as a kid and he was one of the reasons and yes, he was in a ton of things. I did hear he had on assault arrest for beating up his wife, but other than that I didn't see anything bad about him. As an actor I just think he was amazing.