Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crossramp 16

At last a workout that felt good again! I seem to finally be over feeling so "off." I don't know if it was some bug trying to make me sick or perhaps the switch to daylight savings time is to blame. Anyway last night I had a great elliptical workout at the Y. I did a whole bunch of experimenting with the different crossramp and resistance settings. My favorite setting was a crossramp of 16 with a resistance if 10. This really targeted my glutes and calves. I felt the burn last night and its still there today. It feels great.

My one concern right now is that I've not jogged more than 6 miles in some time. Cold weather has pushed my training indoors. I'm going to have to man up and get outside this weekend for sure.

In other news my new Mizunos have still not arrived. This is concerning to me as I now have over 600 miles on my current shoes. I need to pick up some new supports as well. I really hope the shoes make it in this week.


Rae! said...

I hope you get your shoes soon! here it has become cool enough to head back outside.

Amanda said...

600 miles...You're lucky you can get that many miles...My shoes are usually done for running at about 350...I hope you get your shoes soon so you have enough time to get them broken in.

I don't think the time off of running will hurt you...It's good that you've listened to your body and given it the time it needs to rest and recover. Now you can get a couple of good solid weeks in and start tapering!

I went to take the dogs out this morning and it started hailing on us so it was back to the house for a bike ride instead. I think tomorrow's half marathon might be a bit cold and miserable. We have a major cold front here in AZ right now and it's been in the 50s for the past few days. Not tundra cold, but considering it's been 60s and 70s here - it's chilly!

Can't wait for the race - it's getting close and real now!