Monday, October 10, 2011

8+2=10 and other important numbers

Just Around the (Des Moines) Riverbed

With the 16th only a matter of days away I wanted to post at least one update prior to the event.

This past Saturday I went out for a planned 8 miler but as I was running a few anxieties set in over making the jump next weekend to 13.1 miles. Midway through my run I decided to add 2 and go for 10.

In my mind that 10 mile mark means that all that remains is a 5K. With 10 miles in my pocket it's easier to face that remaining 5K rather a 5 mile hurtle. During the half at mile 10 there will be a water station. I'm hoping that this station will be run better than it was a few years ago. Miles 9 through 11 of the Des Moines are run on a bike path that circles Grays Lake. The problem with that water station before was that they set up tables on both sides of that pathway which created a bottle neck. Coming out of mile 11 is an uphill stretch that runs for half a mile. After that its flat to the finish line.

But let me get back to this past Saturday. The course I ran last weekend was a figure eight that brought me to a water fountain at mile 4 and 8. Repeating part of the first loop would take me back toward where I had parked my car. I hit the wall at 9.5 miles and felt completely drained. With just a short distance ahead of me I somehow shook it off and resumed jogging. A check on my Garmin's history showed that I had averaged an 11:24 pace. I had used the virtual partner during the run and I plan on using that as a guide this coming weekend end.

Post run as I was getting into my car I could feel my right calve tightening up on me. I knew my body needed some electrolytes and sodium so I drove to the neighborhood Kum & Go. By the time I got there both calves were cramping. I purchased some Gatoraid and took a brief walk and my legs began to improve.

It would be very easy for me to get concerned over my leg cramps and the fact that I hit the wall. But actually I'm not worried about it. I feel that it all came down to the lack of fluids and come race day there will be Poweraid and water every couple miles. (plus I've already purchased some clif blocks)

On Friday I will attend the local expo and inquire about what they plan to have for pace runners. I'm still counting on my Garmin, but last time out I did like having a pace runner nearby.

Oh and regarding the other important numbers... My office is once again offering Bio Metric Screening. If you have healthy numbers or show a marked improvement in health in at least three categories from the previous year you get a $30 per month discount on health insurance. I could rant for several pages about this topic as I find it quite intrusive but I'm going to edit myself and not complain on this blog.

Aside from still being overweight all my blood work numbers have come back at healthy levels. My total cholesteral has dropped from 246 down to 160. On the weight side I'm down a total of 15lbs since late August. If I can keep losing 2 lbs a week I could be below 210 in Janaury.

As of this posting the WDW Half Marathon is 12 weeks 4 days and 8 hours away. Oh and I may be adding the WDW 5K event to my schedule. Why? I'll give you three reasons. Donald, Jose, and Panchito


sambycat said...

kum & go? seriously?

Amanda said...

Good luck at the race - I have no doubt you'll do just fine!

My company does the biometric thing too - I refuse to participate as I think it's way too intrusive.

Great numbers - weight, miles, blood work. It looks like it's all going in the right direction!

I expect a race recap!

Rae! said...

You are going to do fine. Fuel before you go out there!!