Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Update 7/17/10

Here’s wants been going on with me this week.

As promised I did go out for an evening 5K wog following Tuesday’s Skype call.

I missed Wednesday’s early walk after deciding to sleep in and unfortunately I did not make it out later.

Thursday I went out early and got in 4 miles. Due to high humidity it was really tough going. I began walking and after the first 1.5 miles I started to jog but quickly faded as it felt like I was breathing through a sponge. Another jogging attempt shortly after ended the same way. At the 5k mark I decided to give jogging one more try and this time my breathing feel into place as I fell into an 11:40 pace which I managed to keep up for the last mile.

This morning I awoke an hour and a half later than planned for my morning run but managed to get out the door by 7:30. This gave me enough time to finish 6 miles before I had to get ready for my weekend shift. Setting out my goal was to keep my walking and jogging structured. I walked the first mile and once more managed a 1 mile jog around that same 11:40 pace. The following two miles were a mile walk and a half mile jog. As I came off the second jog I had a difficult time keeping a walking pace under 16. After walking to the 3.1 mile mark I began jogging again and once more completed a full mile. The remaining two miles were a mix of what ever felt right and most of what felt right was walking.

With two and a half months before Wine and Dine I’m really not sure if I’m on target or not. Mentally, I am more fired up than I was going into last January. Physically, if I do not stay consistent with training I fear that I will fall short of the finish. That’s not quite right. I believe I’ll finish but if I set one personal goal for this event it would be to finish stronger that I did in January. I’m not talking about speed, I simply mean better prepared and with a higher endurance level. I’ve wasted so many months and now I feel that I could finally be getting on track.

Over the past few weeks I have lost 7 pounds. Wish it was coming off faster but at least it has gone down a little each week. Here is the training schedule I want to maintain.

Saturday: Long Run, 6 miles
Sunday: Recovery
Monday: Run 3.1 Miles
Tuesday: Walk 3.1 Miles
Wednesday: Run 4 Miles
Thursday: Walk 3.1 Miles

Along with the miles I need to really work on stretching. I continue to have trouble with tight calves.

Below is map of the 6 mile course I have been doing. The long north/south section is rolling hills and when I make the turn back west there is a nice long gradual hill. Kronk might be proud.

(Click image to enlarge)

On the long hill this morning I was jogging on the left against traffic (no sidewalks)and there was another guy out there who was jogging straight up the middle of the road (literally on the yellow line) completely oblivious to everything. Yes he was wearing an ipod and yes cars came up behind him. One kept driving slow right behind him evidently afraid to pass. Then a truck came up and he just flew around this bozo. The guy didn’t even flinch. I think this guy lives a block over from me. If I see him out again I will be saying something to him.


Matt said...

Well, if you're not on track, I'm certainly not! I have yet to pass the 5 mile mark.

And... that guy is crazy! I don't even like running on the side of the road on a sidewalk!

Rae! said...

Great job on the weight loss. Even if it is one pound it is better than nothing. Those one ponders will start to add up. =)

Getting back out there is tuff, but you are going to be fine. Remember October will be less humid. What are you carrying for fuel? And Hydrate..

Sending you a -7 to post. Be proud. You guys can dump the weight faster!!!

I know the breathing is off right now, but you know what, you are out there doing it instead of sitting around.
Doing something you like to do,what makes you feel good so you can be a better person to be around longer for those you love.Sometimes we have to put ourselves first, it's a learning curve but the end result is awesome!!

Amanda said...

You are doing great with the miles. Very impressive!

I've been trying to do the walk/jog thing right now too...I've had the same trouble on long runs keeping the walking pace under 16 - it's strange. Not sure why that is.

I can hear that you're fired up. I can see that you're already more prepared than you were in January. I know that you're going to do great in Oct and that you're going to be happy with your finish.

Great job on the weight loss. Remember slow loss is healthy and at least it's loss!!!

Some runners are such idiots...Running down the middle of the road = death sentence. I can't even imagine why that would be a good idea.