Friday, February 12, 2010


A trip to one of the local antique shops this afternoon was quite interesting. There was plenty of Mickey Mouse stuff to be found...

...but there were also quite a few Donald Duck items too. This lamp would be a bargin at $4.50 except two of the feet have been replaced with corks that were attached with hot glue. Otherwise the rest of it is very clean.

Here and there I spotted a few small random Doanlds.

This Magic Kingdom lunch box was a neat find. It even has the thermos.

Paper dolls. I never really understood paper dolls.

Hey look its an original Big Fig!

These last two items really caught my eye. This Donald puppet is in excellent shape and I very well may return on Saturday to pick him up. I like it because its such a different piece. Something you don't see much of.

Now this TV Tray is from 1961 and it is in very clean shape compared to others I have seen. I actually noticed this piece a couple months ago. It's really been calling to me. After work today I went on Ebay and found many of these items. The prices at the store fall right in line with what Ebay sellers are asking.

One thing you must always remember when visiting an antique store is...

So what would you pay for these Disney items? For the bear?

Has been non existent this week. My drive to get to the gym has been running low while I have been working the late shift. Rather than getting to the gym I have found myself sleeping in. Sure I need the sleep but c'mon already. Guess part of my problem is I am feeling the winter blues. I long for dry sidewalks. I was considering a daytime jog along neighborhood streets this week but scratched that idea when a co-worker slipped outside the office and broke his ankle.

My weight not coming off is bothering me too. With 90 miles post Disney I expected to see some results by now. It also does not help when vendors are in town buying lunch for the office everyday. I have made good and bad choices this week.

My immediate goal is to get back to 27 miles of exercise per week and then once warmer weather melts the frozen tundra, transistion my biking miles into jogging miles.

The October half in Disney is not looking likely at this point but... Our friend Deb who is joining us in January may be doing the Des Moines full again. Although parts of it are quite hilly I am giving it some honest thought. One thing I notice when I consider this though is fear. Fear because back in 08 when I did the Des Moines half I developed my first case of arch problems. This really messed me up prior to Disney 09. So even though I have good arch supports, injuries do haunt my thoughts. Just train, listen to my body and get through it right? Right, I know.

I'm not getting down on myself and I am certainly not beaten. Just being honest about my feelings and concerns.

Besides, like Sting says "Tomorrow is a Brand New Day."


Amanda said...

Trust me when I tell you that you are not alone. This has been a rough week for me too. Like you, my weight is not coming off either and like you I've put in over 90 miles and expected to see some results. Then again, my choices have not been stellar and I know that's playing a part as well.

Feel for the full marathon is to be expected. Fear for a course that causeed you problems before is not uncommon either. You'll just have to gauge your body and feelings to decide if it's the right thing for you or not.

Sorry that October's not looking good. At least you'll be there in January right?

I like your honesty - keep it up. We'll get through this and both get to where we want to be!

Amanda said...

By the way - I love the TV Tray. That is awesome!

As for the bear - they'd have to pay me to take that :)!

Matt said...

I. Love. Antiquing. I especially like looking for Disney stuff, but I have to be particular otherwise I'll buy everyting in sight!

My week sucked. End of story.

Rae! said...

I love all the finds you found. :) I have a couple comic books. Before Walt passed and 2 after. There is such a difference in them.

I am in the same boat as you with the weight. I am learning also that it can be a hormone thing. For you too.

Yes everyday is a new day, and new drama with teenagedom. If things are not totally focused on "him" it will be by the end of the day.
I will not be made if you can not make it here in October, I can understand ,but I will be looking forward to Jan.!!