Friday, February 5, 2010

Have fun on your run. Get Mashed.

For the longest time I have been looking for a way to add music to this blog and today I finally discovered how through the use of the Yahoo Media Player. Yay!

I have never been a fan of "sampling" which seems somewhat ironic when you consider that I do enjoy listening to Mash-Ups. There are a number of sites that you can find music at. One such site is the "Bootie Blog" Every month Adrian & the Mysterious D post a top ten list of their favorite mash-ups from a variety of DJs and they even posts their own work as well.

The reason I like mash-ups is that they can make for a fun distraction when exercising. Often the beat of many songs really helps to push me along.
Not every mash-up is fast paced there are a number of great slow mixes to be found as well. I have posted a few of my recent favorites at the top of this blog.

BTW: Booked BLT for 1/5/11 thru 1/11/11. We will be traveling with our friends Deb and Stacy. Deb is interested in doing one of the Disney races. She has completed the Des Moines marathon twice as a fast walker under the 16:00 pace required by Disney. Now I face a choice of which run to pick. I enjoy Donald but having that extra drive to grab a Mickey might be to quote Mickey "Just Swell!"

Goofy? I can not get my head around that idea at the moment. For now I am going to stay on track with my existing goals while keeping an eye on how fast the 2011 registrations fill up.

See you in January for sure. Still considering October.


Rae! said...

Great!!!! I can not wait to goooo!!
Fingers crossed for October.

Chris said...

Already booked for January, that's great! Whatever you decide to do, I'm sure you'll kick it's butt!

Amanda said...

Yeah....I'm just glad you'll be there in January for at least one of the races.

Hope to see you in October too :)!

Matt said...

I think you should do October, since I KNOW I'll be there then! I'm still iffy on January