Wednesday, September 9, 2009

That Which Inspires

From the mid 60's through the 70's Evel Knievel was considered the greatest stuntman alive. He is perhaps just as famous for his successful motorcycle jumps as he is his failed attempts. Over the course of his career he broke nearly every bone in his body. Amazingly he always returned to pursue his passion to jump further and set new records. Against all odds he kept moving forward time after time. Follow his 1967 jump at Caesars Palace he spent a month in a coma. As a child I always looked forward to ABC's Wide World of Sports, hoping that Evel might be on doing a jump. I hated to see him get hurt, but he was so cool to watch. Here is a clip from that infamous 1967 jump.

Training update:

Monday 6.1 mile wog. Averaged Pace 13.10 (Alternating .5 mile walks and 1 mile jogs)

Wednesday 6.5 mile wog. Averaged Pace 12.58 (.5 mile walk, 3 mile jog, .5 mile walk, 2 mile jog, .5 mile walk)


Rae! said...


MikeF. said...

Great to see you are getting back out there. Now keep it up. No change in weight. Been stuck on these #'s for a while

Chris said...

Egg-cellent! Remember the turtles motto about who "win's the race"... It's all about the building blocks and before ya know it, you have a tower. :-)

I think we all need to start celebrating the smaller goals to success a bit more. Getting back out there is one of them, so BRAVO!

Amanda said...

Very cool and great job on the wogs :)!