Monday, June 8, 2009

Midwest Intro Guy Weightloss Update.

Well for some reason Monday is my weigh in day. Mostly because that's when I weighed in last week. Not sure if weighing in right after a weekend is such a hot idea. Regardless I am down 6.4 pounds. A nice start and although I did get three days of biking in last week I think it is mostly due to simply sticking to a few choices like only having two diet sodas last week instead of two a day. Better choices means results.

So OK Mike, its on brother. Hey besides the Aerosmith hidden Mickey is there anything else we need in the studio?


Steph said...

Great job, Jeff! Keep it up and thanks for all the encouragement on my blog! =)

[rich] said...

Well done :-D

Anonymous said...

Great job!!!! Keep it up!

Amanda said...

Woo Hoo - that's a great start. I think weighing in on Monday is a great idea - it helps you stay on track over the weekend because you know you'll pay for it on Monday :)!

Keep on going and making those good choices!