Monday, June 15, 2009

Caption This

"Ride Like the wind, Wasowski!"

For my sisters in laws birthday celebration yesterday, we went on a photo scavenger hunt. I was the lucky team member who got to "sit on a childs attraction." I just smiled and thought hello Team Voice as the Picture was taken. There is also a photo of me in which I am suppose to be standing like a zebra. Not sharing that one. haha.

On the food front: I am going back to work today following a 4 day weekend. I made some good and bad choices over these days. Certainly room for improvement, some small tweaks here and there could have made a bigger impact on today's weigh in. I'm not grumbling, just stating a fact.

On the exercise front: This area continues to go well. Staying consistent here is what is paying off for me right now. Without in I would not have lost weight this past week. Saturday my daughter purchased a new bike she has been saving for. Last night I asked her to go for a ride with me. When we got near the house we were at 11 miles and she said she was not tired and wanted to bike some more. I thought "cool" so we made another 5 mile loop and finished with 16.17 miles.

Weight loss: Even though I could have made some better food choices I managed to lose 2 pounds. I was pleased to see that on the scale. Two weeks in and Mike and I seem to be staying pretty close in our efforts.


MikeF. said...

Hey Sam! Yes Frodo! What is that human doing riding my horse?!?!

Rae! said...

At least your scale is moving down.Mine is holding steady. But my numbers are dropping when I get measured.
Those horses were always fun to ride.
Keep up the great bike rides!!

Amanda said...

Sweet - the scale is still going down. The important thing is that you recognize you can improve and are conscious of what you've been doing wrong. You'll get there.

Keep up the great bike rides!

Heath said...

"Hey Stan!! Fire up the generator, we're gonna need a little more power for this one!"