Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The DAM Goal

So this weekend will mark my third entry into the DAM to DAM 20k. Past runs here have been 2:19 and 2:04. As many of you know my training has not been the most umm (cough) consistent this year. My expectations for this run? Well primarily my goal this year is to show up and finish.

There was a brief time (several weeks ago) after I signed up for DAM that I considered not doing it. But then I remember being inspired by Byron who although his training was minimal, still showed up last January in Disney and gave it his best shot. Byron has posted in the past that he feels let down for not finishing. I know that many of us in Team Voice would like to be able to clear that from his mind, but we are not walking in his shoes. I do hope that in some way he does believe that we are proud of him for all the effort he put in. So in part this weekend, I will be showing up to honor Byron by showing that although my training this year has been lack luster, I will be there on race day. And if by chance Byron is reading this. Bryon never doubt yourself, in the past you made tremendous strides and you can again. I know you have the heart for it, even if the mental hurtles are a bear. Get out there and keep moving forward my friend.

This past weeks other motivators...

An email from my friend Larry at work. Although Larry is not running DAM he is planning on meeting me at the finish. I am pleased to say that Larry has been getting back into running. He and I have both discussed the mental side of staying focused many times. I look forward to having a weekend running partner.

Rae has asked me numerous times about if I'm "still" doing DAM. She is not letting me fall off the Team Voice grid.

Mike Fess called me this week and we talked about many things. It was great to hear another team mates voice. Mike I hope your knee is getting better. Remember these three words. Frozen Corn Nibblets.

The support from all of the rest of you posting comments here or showing your team support over on the event blog has been to quote Fernando "mah-vel-ous, ab-so-lutely mah-velous"

Perhaps the biggest news to hit DAM this year is that I will not be the only Team Voice member out on the course. Justin and his wife (fellow Iowans) will be running as well. We have exchanged a couple of emails and will be working out the details of meeting up.

Tonight or tomorrow I will be doing my annual course drive off. I find it helps me mentally prepare. Perhaps I'll take a camera along.


Justin said...

T-4 Days! I am chomping at the bit to start the race.

Jeff, I really appreciate all the info you have given me regarding this event. The course description in your email has really set the stage in my mind.

I wouldn't be doing this thing if it weren't for your enthusiasm for the event. Thank you!

Rae! said...

I am sooooooooooooooo DAM proud of you!!! I wish I wasn't working And was able to JUST show up!!!! I will be waiting to hear your time!!! Because of that My day will go slow at work.
Hydrate!!!fuel.Stretch. { i know you know but that's me} And have fun at that DAM race!!


Amanda said...

You'll rock...the DAM that is! It doesn't matter if you don't PR, it only matters that you show up and have a good time. I ran my first half marathon with too little training, so I understand the nerves, but you're going to do great.


And Byron - if you're reading this. Hang tough, you got out there and gave it your best shot - think of how many people didn't even try and feel proud of yourself!

Chris said...

This is the best DAM post yet, Jeff! I felt inspired for sure.

You point out an interesting fact and one that is contrary to what people might believe. Sometimes it's harder to do something the second or even third time out. I admire your persistence. I also feel the same way about this team as I've mentioned numerous times that I'd probably be on the couch otherwise. :)

Can't wait to hear how the race goes, I know you'll try your damdest.

Jonathan "The Voice" said...

If there's one thing I know, Jeff, it's that no DAM race is going to keep you down! Now get out there and do that DAM race and keep Team Voice proud! If Justin can run a DAM race, then you can run a DAM race too! That DAM 20k is nothing, my friend.

Keep up the great DAM work! :)