Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vern Week Lives And Other News From Around Passamaquoddy.

Well things over in Passamaquoddy have sure been busy lately. Filming is about to wrap on Passamaquoddy Survivor. Capt Slippy has filed papers to expand his business to include paddle boat rentals in the bay this summer. There is a report that the wreckage of the fishing vessel ORCA has been discovered about seven miles offshore.

The ORCA, as many will recall originally made its home port from nearby Amity Island and was reported lost in 1971 by then acting police chief Martin Brody.

Brody, who is deceased, could not be reached for comment. The tragic lost of the Orca and the sea bound terror that had haunted the waters of Amity were documented in the 1975 film JAWS, Directed by Steven Spielberg.

Roy Scheider 1932-2008(aka Martin Brody)

But the biggest news to come out of the Quaddy area today is the return of Vern Week. Oh sure the other events may have overshadowed this one, but have no fear this annual festival is in full force. Already reports are coming in that walkers and runners alike are posting mileage as they travel the new green friendly trails near Chum Shop Earth.

Sponsors such as Grumpy’s Gym and Herring Whip have returned. In a surprising announcement Sea Perch Pop Ups are back again this year. Readers of this blog may recall that last year Willie "Steamboat" Mongello (aka Skipper Scopa’s little buddy) had supplied the event with several hundred cases of the frozen treat. Later it was discovered that Sea Perch brand was actually owned by Purr-enya, a division of TDC’s cat food company based in Virginia Beach.

The company, which faced many lawsuits, has rebounded in recent months, as top lawyers were able to get those suing the company to admit that they had actually enjoyed eating the treat and suffered no ill effects from it's consumption. The case was dismissed after the company realized the potential of a new market agreed to produce a version that is safe for human consumption. That product hit the market last November and is setting record sales for Purr-enya. TDC’s have announced plans for two new flavors. Lemon Pepper and Shrimp Scampi.

Yours truly did make it out onto the course this morning. I was a little put off by the 30 degree temps and the freshly fallen snow, but after seeing so many others already on the course I headed out the door and hit the trails. Let me tell you something, outside is much more fun than mall walking. I managed to walk/jog six miles which was my goal and I have updated the roster over on the Virtual Voice Events Blog.


Rae! said...

Yummy Perch pop, I will be having a whip next Sunday!

Trace The Disney Dude said...

I'm bitter at Passamaquoddy