Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mall Walking with Cats and Disney Dudes.

Well howdy pardners! Yes I'm still here. I've been doing ok. The weather here continues to not be my friend and that has led me to Mall Walking. I should go to SNAP and jog the treadmill too, but for some reason I just hate the thought. Don't know why, can't explain it. But at least I have been active at the Mall with several walks over the past couple weeks. Today I walked even though I had not planned it. I was a Target on an early morning Wii Fit hunt. I am of the strong belief that Wii Fit does not actually exist and that it is just a marketing ploy to get consumers into the stores just so they might buy other items. I have looked for this stupid thing for nearly a year. I am NOT kidding. I'm going to just buy a wooden board and pretend at this point.

So anyway Target was open earlier than the Mall itself and all the dedicated Mall walkers where in full force. Usually the Mall is open when I go there to walk. So after Target I walked back to my car, grabbed my ipod, left my coat and quickly made it back inside. brrrrr. It was kinda fun being in there with such a mix of people all just walking around and around. I wanted to break into a jog but I was certain someone would object and I'd get ejected from the mall.

While walking today I listened to episodes #39 and #40 of Those Darn Cats

and episode #7 of The Disney Dudes.

The shows were fun to listen too, made even more fun by that fact that I actually met Lisa, Trace, and Wayne. I'm sure that some day I'll get to meet Jennifer too.

The Cats talked about the Disney Store and this years Oscar nominations. See the 81st annual nominations here.

Jennifer is a very big Wall-E fan. I have discovered while listening to her that she is quite a deep analogical thinker. She certainly looks at this film and others from a different perspective than I. I viewed it as just another fine piece of Pixar animation. I do own a copy of Wall-E and I must say that as Jennifer expressed her impression of the film I did agree with her observations. Wall-E is not my favorite, but it is enjoyable. For more of Jennifer's thoughts on a Disney Trasures DVD release, Download episode #22 for a discussion she had with her husband and son about "Disney On The Front Lines" This is one DVD that I am proud to have in my collection. There are a number items here that might surprise even the most devoted fan of Disney animation. War time propaganda, classic Donald Duck shorts. Some of which you will never see elsewhere. If you do happen to own this you already know the importance of saving your bacon grease.

Trace made an appearance on show TDC #39 and discussed romantic WDW ideas that you can do.

Over on the Disney Dudes Podcast, if you can believe it, was a visit from Lisa. This was truly a Cat friendly day. Lisa was on the show to take the guys to task over a few comments on TDD #4. Quite funny but be aware that the show does drift off into a bit of adult type humor. Listen to it without the kids.

It feels good to be able to Mall Walk but I am itching for the open road.


MikeF. said...

I hear ya about itching for the open road. I have been grounded by my doctor until I have my surgery. I have received your emails and expect a reply tomorrow.

Amanda said...

Totally understand about the treadmill - I do not enjoy running in place, but they are good for hill training if you don't have any hills around.

I also agree that the Wii Fit does not exist. All my friends have them, but I've been looking forever and have never seen one in person. I've given up, but I like the board idea :)!

Basil said...

Listened to the Disney Dudes Show #8 today. Great intro!! And in a strange bit of irony...I was listening to it on my way to the mall to by Wii Fit. I found it in stock at Toys R Us. I've also heard you can get it through Toys R Us online. I had borrowed it from a family member before deciding to buy it, and really enjoyed it.

Chris said...

You do realize that somewhere...there are a gaggle of girrafes sitting around playing Wii while listening to the AATM podcast....

DebWDW said...

Good job on the mall walking. Why not try the elliptical or stair climber or bike with arms at the gym? Lately I've been hooked on the bike and am getting really good cardio. Good luck hunting!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the shouts!

And yeah, I'm sure those giraffes must have scooped up all the Wii Fits. Or maybe the Wii Fit is just an urban legend, because I heard Mikey died after he tried using the Wii Fit after eating Pop Rocks and chugging a can of Coke.

Rae! said...

At least you're getting in your miles.
How are you and the family?

Trace The Disney Dude said...

HA!!! Thanks so much!!

I had to take 4 weeks off running due to tendonitis in my right foot. Last night I ran 1.5 miles. My legs are a little sore this morning. Tomorrow I will run 2 miles. On St Patty's day I'm running in a 5k. I'm not ready, oh well. I will be ready for Marathon weekend and the run down Marceline Main Street!