Thursday, January 1, 2009

Spectators Unite!

In the words of Ty Pennington "HELLO TEAM VOICE!"

Greetings and Happy New Year to everyone! I was chatting with Matt the other day and we were discussing where our families can go to see us run. I told him I was unsure because an earlier message from Disney Sports had me confused. Disney Sports had sent out an email about something they called "The Cheer Squad." This was a package that cost money. Now I'm not interested in shelling out $60 per family member so I quickly dismissed that email. Well evidently you do not need to pay for the "Cheer Squad" That appears to be some sort of option.

Anyway, I was browsing Disney's marathon page this morning and found this really cool tool for spectators. If you visit this link Marathon Spectator ViewBuilder you can enter your estimated pace and select from some view point options. The tool assumes that your spectators are at the start of the race with you and even gives details on how to best travel to the view points. You can print the result which includes all the details. With some pre planning, the tool could be used by those not at the starting line.

Note: The Marathon Spectator Tool is an estimate. Actual times may be affected by runners starting in different waves and corrals. Spectators should leave a wide time window to see the runner. Spectator travel time is based on an average walking pace. Runner travel time is based on the runner crossing the start line. MARATHON: Runner may take up to 15 minutes after the official Start time of 5:50 a.m. to cross the start line. HALF MARATHON: Runner may take up to 10 minutes to cross the start line after their official Wave Start time. (Wave 1 - 5:50 am, Wave 2 - 6:00 am, Wave 3 - 6:15 am)

I did not submit proof of time which means I will be in WAVE 3. So if the note above is correct I should be crossing the starting line at 6:25. The tool places me on Main Street USA one hour later at 7:25.


Trace The Disney Dude said...

Thank you so much for this tool Jeff!!! I will see you in 7 days!!

MikeF. said...

Thanks for posting this helpfull tool Jeff. See you in a few days!

Matt said...

Yay! You answered my question!!! My family will really enjoy this tool. Thanks!

DebWDW said...

Thanks Jeff! I'm going to check this out.

Rae! said...

Cool I didn't see this. My family is signed up for the cheer squad.if my Dad comes he was going to take my son over to the castle and then see if they could see us on the road back and then the finish line.
I will have to look at this when I get home.
See you in a couple of days!