Saturday, January 31, 2009


I’m not pleased with the number in the title of this post. That number is a result of a few different things. Following Dam to Dam last year, I was able at long last drop below the 200lb mark. I was happy and I had managed to find a nice balance of diet and exercise which kept me in that weight zone. Just prior to the Des Moines half marathon I had a few slip ups in food choices and noticed some weight gain. A couple of adjustment put me back on track and by race time all was good again.

After that October race two things happened.

First: I had injured my left arch and as a result my training dropped drastically. So much so that I dropped my version of running to Disney, off my blog. Why? Because I knew I was not going to make it. (For those of you wondering I made it just past Macon, Georgia. About 300 miles short)

Second: The stress at work began to really wear on me. Why a company waits to the end of the year to complete projects that must be done before the new year, is beyond me. It’s the same every year. But this year was much worse. The week prior to Disney was insane as our corporate office was screaming for HD channel additions. Never mind it’s the holidays and we are half staffed. The trouble arises because pencil pushers are not living in the shoes of those who understand the nuts and bolts of how things work. The phrase “If you make me do this, it will cause problems” does not register. Often the response (and I’m paraphrasing here) is “well just get a big shoe horn and make it work.” So my week at Disney without a company phone was a blessing. I believe I heard birds singing as I boarded the plane. Currently things at work are much better.

Needless to say injury meets stress did not have a positive effect on my weight. Less exercise and stress eating do not make a good combo. Having a touch of apathy about it is never a good sign either.

Coming down to Disney I knew my weight was up. I did not get on a scale out of the fear that Professor Ludwig Von Drake would be haunting my every foot fall regarding heel strike forces. Don’t laugh I’m serious.

So anyway when I returned home I did get on the scale. That is when I was shocked by a 35lb gain. I was expecting 20 at most. 35 pounds puts me right back where I was nearly two years ago when all this started. Now I could be ashamed and feel like I should just walk off into the distance. But I’m not going to do that. Even with this set back, this whole (God I hate using this word) “journey” has been such a positive. I have returned from Orlando reinvigorated and ready to reach for and achieve new goals.

Tomorrow, regardless of whether I post commentary or not, I will once more begin a daily column showing exercise and Weight Watcher points. I will also update the number at the top of this post at least once a week.

Team Voice, I know I’m not the first to say this but, you guys rock! Thank you for the inspiration that each of you, and I do mean EACH OF YOU provide. I draw something from all of you.

This post is already long so I will end for today. I will write about my Disney run experience on another post soon.


Amanda said...

Boy can I relate to this post. I found myself in the same boat with my weight. I had worked so hard to get to where I wanted and within a matter of a couple of months I had gone back over a number I never wanted to see again. It took longer to register in my brain than I wanted and now I'm paying the price by having to work twice as hard.

Hang in there, you will make it and you will reach those goals you have set for yourself.

Anonymous said...

The first step is realizing that there is a problem. And you know how to deal with it. I know I've just been amzed by your dedication to running and getting healthy. You've been a real inspiration to me. This is just a slip and I'm sure you'll get back on track.

MikeF. said...

Hey you did it once and you can do it again.

Rae! said...

You're a huge inspiration to me. You "put it" out there. And HOLY CATS!! So now you have to get it back off. As Team Hoyt says "YES YOU CAN" I believe you can too. I know how hard it is, work ,kids, and trying to make it all work is hard.
And after spending time with you and your family I CAN relate. So now "WE" need to learn how to get off our butts when the stress gets tuff and run it off.
I am hear to help.

Basil said...

All I can say is...dito. I'm glad to see I'm not alone in many of those feeling/thoughts that you shared. Although as I've learned...with Team Voice you're never really alone with anything. You're awesome Jeff!! Keep moving forward.

Chris said...

Bravo Jeff, it's all about accountability and you're holding yourself accountable, plain and simple.

I've done this myself a couple of times and the postiive thing is that the second time around is much easier as long as your commitment is there. You know what to expect, the quick losses, the walls, and the tough 1-2 lbs a week as well. Love the WW program and still count in my head on a daily basis. :-)

You know you can do this, so it's just time to get it done!

Go Wasowski!!!!

sambycat said...


DebWDW said...

It happens to all of us. It is SOOOO easy to stop paying attention to food, and then you are so right about how an injury creates double the problem.
Let's get back on track!!