Sunday, July 17, 2011

Deer, Bullsnakes, and Skunks,

are just a few of the things I've encountered these past weeks out on the roadways of the Iowa Tundra.

One weekend morning four doe ran across the street about 40 feet in front of me. Later that same morning I came upon a bullsnake lying in the road. Luckily the snake was dead but it sure startled me as I did not see it until I was right on top of it.

On another weekend I encountered the aroma of skunk about three miles into a jog. That was not pleasant at all. It lingered for quite awhile and I had to jog past it again coming home.

During evening walks I see and hear plenty of frogs. One night I saw a small figure coming toward me under a street light. At first I thought it was a mouse but it turned out to be a salamander.

Another common sight has been turtles, particularly snapping turtles. Our housing development and another nearby have plenty of open lots and some of those have deep ditches along the road ways. There's plenty of moisture in the ditches so that seems to attract these critters.

Here is a list of long milers since my last update.

2.54 mile walk with my wife followed by
7.00 mile wog averaged wog pace 13:03

7 mile wog averaged 12:23. The weather and how I felt on this day came together for my best pace in many months.

7 mile wog averaged 13:55. Pace this weekend was horrible. My legs felt like lead during each of my walking segments. I had done a 5k a couple nights prior and felt the same way. Generally I can keep my walking pace in the 14s but on this day I had to fight to get under 19s. The jogging segments went fine.

Due to the elevated heat index here I visited the YMCA to get in my long miles. The Y was completely packed. I managed to find an open eliptical climber. Completed 8 miles with an averaged pace of 13:01. I felt great about that workout because I was able to keep a continueous pace throughout.

I'm on vacation this week so I have no excuses. Plan is to get in a minimum of 4 days eliptical. Our heat index could be around all week. Hopefully it will break before the weekend. My next road goal is to plus out the 7 milers.I'd like to get in 8 road miles.

On another topic. My weight has not seemed to be dropping and this bothers me a bit. But my pants are a little looser and this past Friday when I donated blood my blood pressure was down to 120/84 and my resting heart rate was at 52. These are significant numbers for me that are going in the right direction.

I will check in here again in a few weeks. Until then enjoy this vintage stop motion by Chuck Menville and Len Janson. Remember, Be Kind, Share the Road.


Amanda said...

So proud of you! Look at the miles you're racking up and your times are looking really good.

I've had a few of those dead leg run/walks myself - it sucks, but at least you're still getting the miles in.

My scale isn't moving much either, but like you the clothes are fitting loser...That's a great feeling.

Sounds like the heart rate and blood pressure are coming down too.

Keep it up and let me know if you need anything!

sambycat said...

oh my!

i vacuumed up a tiny lizard out of our couch last weekend. that sucked - literally and figuratively.

Rae! said...

Great mileage Jeff! Scale is moving very slow for me too. I have gone up. MY^ clothes are loose to. Don't fret it to bad. Great bp numbers!

Chris said...

I know what you mean about being startled by a snake...even when they are dead....I typically jump like 5 feet in the air when it happens to me...especially if I'm zoned out of what's in the road.... Not unlike Indiana Jones...I hate snakes...they just weird me out...

Glad to see the numbers are going in the right direction where mileage is concerned. Sounds like you might just be at a plateau for weight, but take a critical eye to what you are taking in just to be sure you aren't missing something that could be holding you back. :-) Other than that, keep working hard and you'll break through the wall!