Thursday, June 9, 2011

Raise your hand if your SURE.

After nearly two months of sitting on my butt playing video games I've finally gotten off the couch and back out the door. I have lacked motivation on a scale that you may not believe coming from me. I have wallowed around unable to get my head on straight because getting back to where I was a few short years ago seems like such an obstacle. The very idea that I could get back into the shape I was in back in 2008 seems
insurmountable. Truth be confessed I must own up to the fact that I am my own obstacle. The whole vault boy idea was a metaphor of how I was feeling and was supposed to be a creative way for me to once again have some fun mixed with exercise. But I'm leaving that behind. One reason is I don't have time to be as creative as I would like to be over there. Here at least I can have a little fun now and then but I can also just keep it real when I want to.
So as for keeping it real. For the past two weeks I have been back out on the streets and have racked up 29+ miles. During the week I've been focusing on walking under a 16 min pace. On the weekends I've done long wogs of 6 and 7 miles. Those averaged in the 13s for a pace. My comfortable running pace is in the 11s but last Sunday I managed two 1/4 sprints in the 9s. I need to be consistent and not over do it here so I'm going to work on keeping the jogging portions in the 11 range and streaching out the distances. Hopefully that approach will be the best for my cardio. My feet hate the fact that I'm carrying around an unwanted 50 lbs. I need to lose that but I am finding that I am still stress eating and that is just putting back in the calories I burn.
I am considering doing the Des Moines half in October. I like the idea of a pre Disney goal but shades of past injury from that race haunt me. I also am concerned that I could fall into a past race lag and not keep training at the level I really need to be. I know at some point I need to declare the fears for what they are and face them. I know what caused my injury in Des Moines and it was lack of arch support. I've since gotten arch supports and run a number of races without incident. So why the fear? I think it comes down to this, consistency equals confidence. Confidence does grow but you have to keep at it.
So Raise your hand
Be confident
Be secure
(i just realised this post reads like it was sponsered by a deoderant ad. this was unintentional)


Anonymous said...

*raises hand*

January, my friend - we'll be there together, and MISSING a bunch of weight together. :)


MikeF. said...

At least it smells nice! ;)

Amanda said...

Yes, my first thought was of deodorant when I read the title. That's okay though, runners need lots of deodorant!

Fear - it's a great de-motivator isn't it? I know the feeling. I get depressed that I am not as fast as I was in 2008, but you just have to remember it's not the speed that matters. What matters is that you're out there doing it! Do it for you, your health, your fun.

Food - don't let it rule you. Maybe try logging all calories for a week or two and see where and when your trouble days/areas are. It's not easy - ask me, but only you can make the choice to stop letting it rule you...Although I don't mind kicking your rump if you need it.

I am super glad to see that you're putting some miles in again and being reasonable with your goals. Keep at it, you'll be amazed at how quickly you get back to where you want.

You know, if the half marathon isn't motivating can always put a little fear in your training and sign up for a full marathon. Training is different, it will take you to new levels and distances and you'll learn a lot about yourself along the way.

You know the drill - if you need anything, please let me know. I am still going strong this year - in about 50 miles I will have as many miles this year as I had last year...I will be glad to do whatever you need to help you reach your goals and be ready for the race of your life!

Rae! said...

YAY!!! Both hands up!!! I am so glad your moving again!!! As always I am just a text away.Even a call away ever need help with working trough a food melt down.
I am no were like I was when I did my first half. But I am glad that I am moving. Glad I am able to move.
I am like Amanda need to track the food so you can see what you are putting in your mouth and how you are feeling at that moment. It helps.
And then you will see where the added up calories are coming from.

Glad your back and moving!!
This all is so motivating!! Having everyone back and moving!!!

Chris said...

Yep, I was singing the ad in my head as I read the title. :-)

You had a kick-ass couple of weeks, great work. You always seem to get back o the horse when you need to, so I'm not worried about ya. as you said, keep it steady and consistent with some challenge thrown in there and you'll get to where you are going.