Thursday, February 17, 2011

Paradise Awaits

Brief post simply because well hey its been a while and unfortunatly I've got to be leaving for work.

February have been a mixed month for me. I started out with a crummy sinus infection that caused me to use my first sick day in like three years. Very little milage there. The next week I pushed through and exceeded my weekly 28 mile goal by 2.2 miles. This week I have a mere 5 miles in. Life has just got in the way. There is an easy solution if I could just get in the habit and thats to get up early and hit the gym before work. It's just ugh I hate getting up early. Last summer when I could just step outside in the morning it wasn't so bad. Weather here has been in the 40s and feels great. I am hearing rumors that snow will be returning again. RATS!

In other news it looks like I will be making my way out to Disneyland in September for Coast to Coast. Couldn't get into Grand Californian but Paradise Pier had a park view room available that I used DVC points toward. I wish more of the team was heading out there. I'm only aware of Justin, Krystal and Amanda and this point. Our friend Deb may be coming out as well now that she has been bitten by the Disney running bug. Hopefully my wife and Daughter will join me out there.

I look forward to the race but I must admit that Labor Day weekend is not what I had planned for a first time Dinseyland visit. I'm already stressing about crowds and if its even worth buying park tickets. Should I just be happy with running through the parks this trip?

Opps gotta go or I'm going to be late.

Be sure to stop by Mike has recorded a new show which I've posted.


Justin said...

Very cool! We'll see you at Disneyland.

Don't stress about the crowds. This will by my third consecutive Labor Day Weekend at Disneyland. We typically spend 2 and a half days in the park during the half marathon weekend and have no problem seeing everything.

Don't get me wrong, there will be lots of people, but given Disneyland's size it's definitely manageable.

Jeff W. said...

Sing it with me! "and always let your Justin be you guide" Counting on you for trip advice and dining suggestions.

MikeF. said...

That's awesome to hear Jeff! And no no no excuses!

Jeff W. said...

no excuses. now I have even more incentive to get fit. Can't be passing out in DL. Deb thinks I should consider the Des Moines full in Oct. The very idea fills me with fear.

Amanda said...

So can't wait for you to check out Disneyland. Justin's right - the crowds will not detract from your experience - you must do the parks....How can you come all the way out to CA and not do the parks!

A full in October - awesome, do it! It'll keep you going for Disneyland and after!