Sunday, August 9, 2009

July Trip Report #3

Our plan for this trip was to hit the parks that had extra magic evening hours. So our stop on Monday was the Hollywood Studios. We arrived about 9:30 and headed straight back to Toy Story Midway Mania to grab some fast passes. We were all surprised to find no wait at either the fast pass machines or in the queue line. So we went right on in.

Next we took in the Great Movie Ride. Something was different for on the visit and maybe this is something that is just switched from time to time, but every time I rode this in the past the Cast Member was always replaced by a gangster. This time the change came in the Western portion of the ride when a cowboy took over our tour. Other than that it was the same old ride. Even though this attraction is a bit cheesy I do enjoy the feeling of nostalgia I get during the actual movie portions, both in the lobby area and at the end of the ride.

Lunch was planned for the Sci Fi drive in café. We took in Star Tours while waiting for our ADR and I also ran over to grab fast passes from Rock n Roller Coaster. Lunch here was surprisingly the most expensive meal we would have in the parks during this trip. Part of that was because my wife and kids each ordered a shake. I have to say though that $70 for burgers and shakes is far too expensive and that includes the tables in wonderland discount. The meal was also not all that great. Doubt we would go back.

We used our fast passes after lunch for both attractions and then checked the times schedule for Beauty and the Beast. While we waited for the show my wife and I enjoyed my favorite ride The Tower of Terror. By the time the stage show was over my kids began complaining about tired feet so we left the park.

After a short rest back in the room I suggested we stop by Downtown Disney before going back to the studios. Time managed to get away from us and we never made it back to the studios that night.

On Tuesday we visited Epcot.

Our first attraction was Soarin and again I was surprised by the lack of crowds here. I was surprised by something else here. Something that I was surprised Disney had not addressed. Guests of the local home carnival variety had carved their names all over the metal arm rails in the queue line. It’s disappointing that people will openly vandalize property like this. The damage was extensive and like I said I can not believe Disney has not repaired this and kept a closer watch.

The queue line was not all bad though. Did you know that guests can play video games n line? About halfway up the queue there are four panels which change images from time to time. At one point a message came on the screens telling us to get ready to play bounce the ball. The images on the panels changed and the screen images now had these white outlines on them. The outlines must have been generated by body heat because if you raised your arm a silhouette of you arm appeared on screen. Then beach balls and snow balls began dropping and we could knock them from one end to the other. It was pretty cool.

A second game involving flying began as we went around the corner. After a few other attractions, including “Journey into Imagination” (which sorely needs a renovation) we headed back to World Showcase for lunch at Chefs de France.

I had the Salmon and it was wonderful. Our meals here had only the slightest of seasonings allowing the food to itself speak for itself. I do recommend dining here. And yes we saw Remy!

Over at the American Adventure we enjoyed the Voices of Liberty. There was a familiar singer here that we met back in 2002, Kristin from Marengo, Iowa. It was nice to see she is still enjoying singing and being part of the Disney Magic for the past seven years.

After a mid day break we returned for another ride on Soarin’ and Illuminations.


Last Thursday I made it out for another 4.5 miles. This time I managed to include a steady 3 miles of jogging. My average pace for the whole trip out was 13.5.
My foot has held up ok. I did notice some inflamation on Friday morning. No real pain just some swelling. I am planning on getting back out there tonight. Weather permitting. Storms have been active all afternoon.


Chris said...

I'm starting to rethink my ADR at Sci-Fi after your review....I loved it the last couple of times I went, but that was more than a couple of years ago. 70 is a bit steep for that kind of lunch...

I'm with you on the vandalization thing, jeez, no respect for property anywhere you go these days...disturbing actually...

Keep up the great work on the training. Sounds like you've got a very controlled plan going to keep yourself from further injury, safety first! Hopefully the inflamation is just the pain of getting back into a routine :-)

Amanda said...

Sorry you didn't enjoy sci fi - I've always enjoyed it. I do think it's a bit pricey though.

Sound like the trip was a lot of fun!

Great job on the training. Glad to hear the foot is holding up.

DisHippy said...

I must tell you that I am incredibly jealous of the trip report so far. Never the less, sounds like you had a good trip. Makes me that much more excited about the next time I make it down to the world. Hopefully sooner than later.